The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.
Jordan Belfort (via larmoyante)
10 Smart Tips that’ll help you lose Weight

1. Keep healthy snacks nearby, so when you get the urge to splurge, just reach out for something to knock those cravings back until your next meal. My favorites include Blue Diamond cocoa roast almonds, bananas, or baby carrots. Chewing gum also helps curve my cravings and is also good for our brains.

2. Stop-eating-Fast-Food. We have truly become a society fueled by fast food. Yes the dollar menu seems tempting when pass by those yellow arches, but if you shop at the grocery store every weekend and stock up for the week, fast food will become a thing of the past.

3. I will admit, while it is crucial to avoid fast food at all costs, there are times when you find yourself having to get fast food, in these (hopefully) rare cases, you should avoid any sauces (beside mustard), cheese, and anything that’s fried or crispy. Look for anything grilled or fresh and always ask for extra lettuce and tomatoes.

4. Stay on your feet if possible. It’s important to avoid sitting if possible because standing will burn more calories and strengthen key leg muscles than when sitting. Most jobs today require us to sit down for hours on end, if this is the case, then every hour get up and stretch. Be sure to also utilize your breaks and take brisk walks around your office or workplace.

5. Keep a water bottle with you at all times. Purchase a 32oz BPA-free refillable water bottle and never stop drinking water. Our bodies require a lot of water to function properly. You’re probably only drinking about half of what’s recommended by nutritionists. Just multiply your body weight (in pounds) by .55 and you’ll get how many ounces of water you should drink a day.

6. Eat Whole Foods - Don’t drink your calories. When we guzzle down those sodas and energy drinks, our body is processing all those calories much faster than it would if you ate something solid. This leads to more body fat and less energy. Solid foods stay in our system longer and will give you more energy throughout the day. Swap those energy drinks with fresh fruits.

7. Do something active for an hour at least every other day. Whether it be walking, biking, swimming, sports, or even going to the gym. Exercise is key for weight loss and when combined with a healthy diet, you’re on your way to becoming a fat burning machine.

8. Set short term goals and document everything you do and eat. Seeing progress written down will you keep you motivated. I like to use My Fitness Pal, that app is amazing.

9. Take things slow, don’t just stop eating your first day, you’ll just set yourself up for failure. Make small changes like cutting out soda/sweets from your diet or maybe eating vegetables with every meal.

10. And finally, remember to weigh yourself everyday. This is super important. Studies have shown that people lose a lot more weight if you weigh yourself everyday. Buy a good scale and just keep it in your bathroom.






Photographer Peter Menzel’s book, Hungry Planet, features families photographed with a week’s worth of food.

wow. reality check?

click the photos to see the caption, or location and how much a week that family has

341$ a week is fucking insane!! Also, mcdonalds, burger king, soda, chips, pizza, WHAT THE FUCK!!?? Thats a scary ass house hold